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Website Migration and WordPress Build


Client: Nexus Equine, Inc.

Location:Oklahoma City, OK

Date: 2021

The goal of this project was to safely migrate the Nexus Equine domain to the ClairvoyAgency server space, and recreate their website. Prior to us being engaged for this project, the Nexus Equine website had been compromised by hackers. These hackers added a spam forum of over 1,000 pages. Their original website was built by a volunteer who was no longer maintaining his server space, which meant the website was vulnerable to index attacks. The ClairvoyAgency team worked diligently with Google SEO to have the fake forum pages removed from the search index, moved the site over to our secure hosting, and rebuilt it in WordPress with optimized load times. We added an announcement bar functionality to be able to highlight their most pertinent messages. We’ve also built over 13 secure forms to fulfill their various program needs. The Nexus Equine has access to the back-end to make simple copy and announcement bar changes whenever they need it.