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About Us

We’re an agile, non-hierarchical digital and print media agency focused on equitable access to services and sustainable digital spaces.

ClairvoyAgency exists to offer solutions for people, projects, and groups in need of marketing and outreach strategy across the spectrum of visual communication and the digital landscape. We partner with people, organizations, and companies that share a passion and dedication towards creating a more just world.

Founder and Executive Director of Projects and Relationships

Amy Clarice (She/her) is focused on the unseen matters that create the communities we live and play in. She specializes in dynamic engagement, event leadership and fundraising. She works with a variety of sub-contractors to offer a full menu of services designed to support projects and grow results.

Lead Web Designer and Creative Director

Cashmere Morley (She/her) is focused on visual communication and storytelling through design. She specializes in crafting captivating visual identities, branding materials, marketing collateral, and digital designs that convey the essence of businesses and organizations. 


Our world is transforming quickly. Can you clearly see the path through the trees? What bridges do you need to build in your area of focus? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help us see the path.

We aim to be those eyes.

We can help you find collaborators to light a spark beneath your goals with thoughtful visual design, communications strategy, web development, and beyond. Let us get to know your focus areas and tap in to grow and sustain a community.