Crowdfunding 101: platforms, strategies, success stories


Crowdfunding is a powerful way to fund a project that has a clear cost.Start first by deciding as a group: what are you raising money for, and how are you going to communicate with your donors?

There are many options out there. We’ve compiled a list of videos to help you learn more about this topic and explore what we consider some of the best options out there. There are many different platform options out there, some that take a fee and others don’t. If you decide to select one that takes a fee, it’s important to factor that into your goal.

Our favorite fee-free options are:


It’s helpful to look at each one and decide which one works for you.

It can also be useful for raising funds ongoing through a monthly donor campaign. We think the best option out there as of today is:


More options that have an established network and take a fee:


Here’s a video resource list that we put together for a deeper dive: